About Benjamin Bell

I am a designer currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. I shall shortly be completing my final year of studies, obtaining a degree in Industrial Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Since starting the course over 3 years ago I have developed a passion for design.

I developed this site in order to highlight a selection of my work from the last few years. Currently, my portfolio consists largely of work undertaken as part of the course that I am studying, with the exception of a few freelance projects.


Currently I am offering the services of industrial design, graphic design, basic web design, and various media related activities such as computer rendering and drafting. If you are interested in contacting me please fill out the form in the contact page, or you can email me at info@benjaminbell.net.

Featured Project

The Modeca Gas Heater was completed in November 2006. The brief required that we take the somewhat mundane gas heater, an object that design has often overlooked, and translate it into a piece of furniture, something that can be placed within a context and become part of its surrounds. In doing so, we were required to use a movement in twentieth century design as a departure point.

Modeca Gas Heater

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